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Encounter 3

Follow Adria Arjona in India and meet Kamalika

In India, before attending a friend's wedding, Adria Arjona participates together with other women in a sangeet ceremony and she meets Kamalika. Adria learns the true meaning behind the beautiful, traditional clothing worn for the occasion.

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“The reds and the maroons and the pinks are all about celebration, all about enjoying your life while you live.”– Kamalika

Encounter 1 Meet Makoto

Explore Tokyo through the lens of the young photographer.

Encounter 2 Meet Lucia
in Spain

Meet in Sevilla with Lucia, a flamenco dancer.

Encounter 3 Meet Kamalika
in India

Experience a sangeet ceremony in India.

Encounter 4 Meet Rashan
in Thailand

Celebrate the Loi Kratong festival of lights.

Encounter 5 Meet Wakako
in Japan

Share the ritual of a matcha tea ceremony in Tokyo.

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Embark on a new journey of discovery.
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Fully immerse Yourself

Embark on a new sensorial journey.
Discover the new immersive MY WAY virtual reality experience, a voyage around the world filled with meaningful encounters.

Adventure awaits

Take off on your own journey of discovery. Embark on the full MY WAY experience now.

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